Cybersecurity Awareness Program at Landmark Academy

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Did you know? Weak passwords make up 80% of hacking-related breaches

With this digital revolution comes the pressing need for cybersecurity and the protection of our personal information.

Mr. Prabhat Pokharel guided the class 6 and 7 students of Landmark Academy on safeguarding their personal information and maintaining their privacy online. He educated them about the potential risks of oversharing, the significance of privacy settings, and the consequences of sharing personal information with strangers. Through thought-provoking activities, he encouraged students to evaluate their online habits and make responsible choices.

The session emphasized on the importance of creating strong and unique passwords, the risks associated with sharing personal information on social media platforms, and the need to keep software and devices up to date. Overall, the session provided a solid foundation in cybersecurity, equipping students with practical skills, and instilled a sense of responsibility toward online safety.

The program is an initiative to encourage the development of cybersecurity awareness in the community so that everyone can understand and take responsibility for their cyber safety and cyber hygiene. Biz Serve IT is a leading cyber security company in Nepal providing cybersecurity services to both national and international clients since 2014.

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