Offense is the best defense.

We provide world-class offensive cybersecurity services, keeping our clients safe and secure.

Our sole objective in establishing Biz Serve IT was to become the most reliable ally in safeguarding the industry against cyber attacks. With a dedicated group of cybersecurity experts, we aim to help you enhance compliance, address talent gaps, and ensure that your organization remains under the radar, allowing you to concentrate on your core priorities.
We take great pride in acting as an extension of your security team, boasting a dynamic and energetic staff proficient in cybersecurity and a proven history of protecting customers against the constantly evolving landscape of modern cyber threats.

Our Parent Company

Biz Serve IT is a subsidary of Reanda Biz Serve Pvt Ltd.

Reanda Biz Serve, a licensed firm of Reanda International, is Nepal’s leading business advisory and consulting firm that helps enterprises sail smoothly towards their goal. Through our integrated service lines and our deep sectoral knowledge, we help our clients to capitalize on new opportunities, assess and manage risk to deliver responsible growth.