Cybersecurity Awareness Program at SOS Children's Villages Nepal

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The session was held at SOS Children's Villages Nepal for students in grades 6 to 10 to provide valuable insights on staying safe online.

In an age where digital landscapes reign supreme, the need for cybersecurity awareness has never been more critical, especially for the younger generation. As today's youth easily navigate the vast expanse of the internet, online gaming realms, and social media platforms, they often do so with a sense of boundless exploration. That's where cybersecurity awareness steps in. 

To ensure digital safety, On 29 September 2023, Mr. Prabhat Pokharel, CEO of Biz Serve IT, conducted a cyber security awareness program to give our digital natives a well-built foundation in cybersecurity. The session was conducted in SOS Children’s Villages Nepal for grades 6 to 10 students, ensuring that many young minds received valuable insights into staying safe online.

During the session, we highlighted the importance of creating strong passwords for their accounts. We also emphasized the need to update devices, comparing it to adding powerful shields to their digital tools. The presentation covered recognizing and avoiding tricky emails or links, ways to report if anything goes beyond control and other protective measures. The goal was to empower them with simple yet impactful knowledge to navigate the online world securely.

The program is an initiative from Biz Serve IT to encourage cybersecurity awareness so everyone can understand basic yet crucial principles, empowering them to navigate the digital landscape confidently and securely.

Feel free to reach out if you'd like to arrange a cybersecurity awareness training session at your school.

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About Biz Serve IT

About Biz Serve IT

Founded in 2013 and headquartered in Kathmandu, Nepal, Biz Serve IT specializes in comprehensive cybersecurity services, including Security Audits and Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT). The company has consistently served different industry segments. With nearly a decade in this industry, Biz Serve IT has become a trusted ally for organizations seeking robust defenses against evolving cyber threats.