Cyber security awareness program at AVM Higher Secondary School

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Commonsense is essential in cyber awareness, but it is crucial to guide and support it through expert knowledge.

9th November2022
With the same vision, we conducted yet another security awareness program, a non-commercial initiative, for school students of grade 6 at AVM Higher Secondary School. The session was led by Ms. Sujita Dhungana. She is the Head of Information and Cyber Security at Standard Chartered Bank. The students got insights into cybersecurity and how individuals can protect themselves while surfing online. The session was fun, informative, and interactive!

We appreciate Ms. Dhungana for making time in her busy schedule to share her extensive knowledge and experience with the kids. We also like to express gratitude to AVM Higher Secondary School for participating in this program.

The program is an initiative from Biz Serve IT to encourage the development of cyber security awareness in the community so that everyone can understand and take responsibility for their cyber safety and cyber hygiene. Biz Serve IT is a cyber security service provider in Nepal providing cyber security services to both national and international clients since 2014.

If you are interested in organizing such sessions at your school, please reach out to us.

Thank you!